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A Document Management System that drives efficiency in your business.

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"Our vision for Ubunye is to enable smaller companies to automate and streamline their processes. We believe that it is imperative to give small to medium companies the same opportunity and advantages that big companies have to ensure their success, and having the right solutions partners is key to achieving that. "

René Brunt

Founder & CEO

Why is DocVolante different?


Designed with flexibility and scalability so it can be adapted to the business needs quickly at an affordable price.


A consistent and scalable Document Management System that will streamline and automate workflows.


A solution that will make your business more flexible and efficient while eliminating the costly processes you don't need.

Ease of Use

Great UI that will suit the needs of many organizations in an ideal way as it focuses on simplicity.

Swift Deployment

Available for speedy deployment to deliver what you need with a straightforward process at your convenience.

Do You Know?

of companies recognize the importance of digital transformation for competitive advantage.

of companies recognize the importance of digital transformation for enhancing customer experience.


of technology companies have a digital transformation strategy underway.

of companies expect revenue to increase as a result of digital transformation investments.

*According to BDO’s 2021 Technology Digital Transformation Survey


DocVolante is a Document Management System that centrally captures, indexes, stores and retrieve documents to optimize your business processes that can integrate with your in-house products.

Data can be captured from ScannerVision via workflow processes and can be managed seamlessly between them. Integration is critical to most businesses therefore the DocVolante connector has been developed to allows for simple integration into third-party applications such as ScannerVision & aivika Capture Pro. This end-to-end solution from various capture sources to the storage of documents in a secure repository such as DocVolante Dynamic helps organizations streamline business processes.

DocVolante can store a wide array of documents, including but not limited to the file types below:

  • Microsoft Word document (.doc)
  • Microsoft Word Open XML document (.docx)
  • Log file (.log)
  • Outlook mail messages (.msg)
  • Audio Interchange File format (.aif or .aiff)
  • Media playlist files (.m3u)
  • Mpeg-4 audio files (.m4a)
  • 3GPP multimedia files (.3gp)
  • 3GPP2 multimedia files (.3g2)
  • Advanced System File format (.asf)
  • Adobe Illustrator files (.ai)
  • Encapsulates PostScript files (.eps)
  • PostScript file (.ps)
  • Bitmap image file (.bmp)
  • Graphic file format exchange (.gif)
  • JPEG images (.jpg)
  • Portable network graphics (.png)
  • Adobe InDesign document (.indd)
  • PICT graphic file (.pct)
  • Portable Document Format files (.pdf)
  • AutoCAD drawing database file (.dwg)
  • Drawing format file interchange (.dxf)
  • Comma Separated Value file (.csv)
  • Apple ebook format (.ibooks)
  • PowerPoint slides (.pps)
  • Active Server Page (.asp)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (.css)
  • HyperText Markup Language files (.html)
  • Worksheet spreadsheet (.xlr)
  • Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
  • Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet (.xlsx)
  • GPS exchange file (.gpx)
  • Keyhole Markup Language file (.kml)

It allows you to manage the lifecycle of any document in a digital format. It starts with document creation, indexing and storage, which in turn allows for intelligent retrieval of any document based on the metadata associated with those documents.

  • Reduce Storage Space
  • Enhance Security
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Easier Retrieval
  • Better Collaboration
  • Better Backup
  • Increased Productivity
  • Windows Server 2016 and higher (Essentials versions of OSes not included).
  • Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • 8GB RAM or higher.
  • 4 Cores.
  • Minimum 10 GB HDD.

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