How to Manage Stress during the Holiday Season?

How to Manage Stress during the Holiday Season?

As the holiday season is upon us, many will experience stress even though this is usually known as a joyous time. It’s not unusual to feel anxious, stressed and unhappy. The holiday season requires us to complete tasks such as shopping, entertaining children, hosting, and attending parties, mingling with relatives that are often tedious and exhausting.

Though you may frequently feel the need to keep spirits high and put on a happy face during the holidays, it’s fine to feel different emotions during the season. A few tips from us below for you to prepare yourself to manage stress during the holiday season:

  1. Maintain Healthy Habits

    Keeping healthy during the festive season will be of great help and act as protection against stress. That means eating well, getting plenty of rest and keeping physically active. Keeping to your daily routine is also extremely crucial as it’ll provide you a sense of balance. Where possible minimize holiday and family commitments if you feel that you are overwhelmed by them.

  2. Be Practical

    The festive season can stretch out and be filled with responsibilities. Hence, listing down the obligations for the holidays can help manage stress as it will give you a feel of what the coming months are going to be like. Be practical as you don’t need to feel obliged to do everything that comes your way, you can prioritize and schedule what fits in your schedule. This will give you a sense of freedom and empowerment to be able to choose what you attend.

  3. Less is More

    The holiday season can also occasionally make the most rational person overcommit their time and overextend their financial means. Look at your list of responsibilities and conclude on what’s most essential and important to you. Give yourself the room to be free and refuse additional requirement of your time or money. This applies to traditions too. Keep in mind that it’s completely acceptable for your traditions to shift over time and to establish new traditions to suit the growing lifestyle of you, your family and friends.

  4. Seek Assistance

    Although you will have an influx of social commitments during the festive period, feelings of loneliness and seclusion can creep in. Apart from that, holiday chores can be exhausting as well, so please do feel free to reach out to the ones who care about you should you need any form of emotional or physical support. You’ll be surprised how willing and pleased people will be to ease your burden, it is afterall the season for giving!

  5. Go for a Stroll

    A stroll along the streets or shopping malls with Christmas vibes around you, isn’t only a form of exercise but also offers a burst of joy and will aid in warding off negative feelings. Additionally, it will help reduce anxiety and help you sleep better. Take that walk and clear your mind!

  6. Make Tiny Changes

    The festive season can appear as filled with enormous changes, thus concentrate on smaller things which can help you unwind. As an example, disconnect from the digital world as it will offer you necessary detachment from the needs of society, individuals and your schedule. Listen to your favourite tunes and jingle to de-stress and try that recipe that you have been wanting to for the longest time! Tiny adjustments won’t disrupt your routine and can act as a slight enhancement you require to provide joy to the holiday season.

In conclusion, the festive period and holidays are often given importance to purchasing gifts, preparing food, entertaining others and so much more. Therefore, during these highly stressful times, it is vital that you find some time for yourself to unwind. If you reckon that the holidays are going to be hectic, plan accordingly and don’t forget to pamper yourself! Always give importance to self-care before attending to other holiday obligations.

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