Step Into The Future

Step Into The Future

For a legal entity to get ahead of the game they need to refine and modify their internal processes where people, processes and technology come together. Security and accessing of data are vital to be considered.

Considering the right Document Management Solutions partner is critical as it forms part of the holistic move towards digital transformation.

Features such as below are of extreme importance when considering a DMS:

  • Enhanced collaboration where teams are able to work on the same file at the same time.
  • A simplified user experience that improves efficiency.
  • Documents enriched with metadata of your own design. Especially where you require granular filtering vectors.
  • Powerful search and Retrieve functions that include advance searches where you are able to search for phrases or metadata fields.
  • Consistent Document Versioning allowing you to establish which one is the most recent document.
  • Credible audit trail to allow you to be able to see every change that has been made during the documented lifetime.

DocVolante offers you the above and so much more. It gives you the opportunity to Migrate, Transform and Evolve.

There are 3 basic principles of DocVolante are:

DocVolante's principles
As with so many other things in life it is imperiaitve to be able to compare the features and capabilities of DocVolante with other DMS in the market.

Below are a few key differentiators :

  • Affordablitiy
  • Simplicity
  • End-to-end Solution (Capture, process, store, retrieve)
  • Aimed at the Small to Medium sized organizations

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